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  • Corporate vision

    Operating in good faith, quality guarantee and excellent management 

  • Enterprise mission

    Give employees access to professional upgrading, with a good development platform;
    Maximise investment value for its shareholders.

  • Core values

    People-oriented, integrity and win-win

Spirit: respect, sunshine, responsible, enterprising, resilient

Respect for the
We promote respect for others, respect for self, respect for customers, partners, employees with respect respecting the land, respecting the natural environment, respect and cherish.
Our most important requirements are fulfilled Tuoshan team members "the Sun culture" steadfast, upright, honest, selfless, kind and tolerant, optimistic, helpful, personal relationship simplification.
We are a responsible corporate needs are responsible of team members: seriousness, dedication, commitment, and good work ethic and discipline, with social responsibility.
We foster a culture of performance and building the learning organization environment encourages employees to progress, and constantly enhance their professional level and management level; efforts to work do not elaborate, the pursuit of excellence, the pursuit of high efficiency and high quality work.
Whether for business or personal, you need to have a strong determination to get things done and can-do attitude, have a firm belief in winning; not afraid of hardship, to take a positive attitude in dealing with complex environments and adherence to principles, and the insistence on professional ethics.


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