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Cleaning method of oil tank dirt in the maintenance of excavator

(1) purging. That is to save some diesel oil in the fuel tank, then use 19.6 ~ 29.4KPa compressed air to enter the bottom of the tank with plastic pipe, so that the diesel oil can be cleaned up and cleaned, and the position and direction of the lower end of the pipe will be changed constantly, so that the whole fuel tank will be cleaned. After blowing, the diesel oil is released from the tank, and the Carter excavator repairs the impurities suspended in the oil to flow with the diesel. If the outflow of diesel oil is dirty, it is cleaned again with the above method until the released oil contains no impurities.

(2) steam method. Drain the diesel oil, remove the fuel tank, and fill the tank with more than half of the box water. Steam will be imported into the water from the gas inlet to make the water in the diesel tank boil 1H. In this way, the glue that adheres to the inner wall of the box and the remaining diesel molecules can be dissolved in the water. The light weight of the dirt floats on the water and is washed away. For two consecutive times, the diesel tank can be washed clean.

(3) solvent method. Wash with hot water Carter excavator diesel tank, and then dry with compressed air to remove the internal steam diesel, finally the diesel tank into an aqueous solution containing 10% sodium hydroxide in solution. Rinse rinse after internal and external fuel tank. Such as the discovery of external corrosion, with wire brush net.

Cleaning of the Carter excavator maintenance cooling system

15% of the NaOH solution is injected into the system. After 8 to 12h, the diesel engine is running. When the water temperature rises to 80~90 degrees, it stops. The liquid is released immediately, so as to prevent the scale and sediment from plugging in the solution and block the water channel. Then clean the system with water until it is washed.

If Carter is Aluminum Alloy excavator cylinder cover structure, according to 50g 20g of sodium silicate, liquid soap, water 10kg proportion clear liquid, Carter joined the maintenance of cooling system in excavator, excavator working temperature in Carter running around 1H, and then release the lotion, and then wash with water.

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