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Hydraulic system display of mixer

1. insurance pipe: take out the 20A insurance pipe, use the multimeter to measure the resistance at both ends of the insurance pipe, judge whether the fuse is broken, and change the insurance pipe if it is burned. If it is changed immediately after the change, the circuit has a short circuit environment, and the relay coil resistance and circuit resistance are measured by the multimeter, and the short-circuit obstruction is relieved.

2. fan motor: if the safety pipe is in good condition, connect the manual switch. If the fan motor is running, it indicates that the non fan motor itself is hindering. If the fan motor does not turn, it will directly supply the 24V motor voltage to the fan motor, and still do not turn to identify the fan motor damage, so we should replace the cooling fan assembly.

3. temperature control switch: if the fan motor itself is hindrance, the temperature control switch will be short with wire, such as fan motor operation, indicating that the temperature control switch is damaged, so we need to change the temperature control switch. If the fan motor does not turn to indicate that the relay is damaged, the relay box should be changed.

4. relay: pull out the temperature control switch connector, if the cooling fan motor is still turning, it can be identified as the relay damage, the relay box should be changed.

5, manual switch and fan motor: directly supply 24V voltage to the cooling fan motor, such as fan motor operation can be identified as manual switch damage, need to change the relay box, if fan motor does not turn to be identified as fan motor damage, replace the cooling fan assembly.

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