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Hydraulic excavator walking operation and ten matters needing attention
Hydraulic excavator walking operation and attention are as follows:
1) excavators should check environmental safety before they start, and clean up obstacles on the road. No one can leave the excavator and then lift the bucket.
2) after the end of the preparatory work, the driver should press the horn first and then start the operation of the excavator.
3) the operation of the walking rod should check the direction of the crawler and try to make the excavator walk forward. If the drive wheel is in front, the lever should be operated backward.
4) if the walking rod starts at a low speed range, the engine speed will suddenly rise, so the driver should be careful to operate the walking bacilli.
5) when reversing the excavator, pay attention to the space behind the vehicle. Pay attention to the blind area behind the excavator. If necessary, please send someone to help you.
6) hydraulic excavator walking speed - high speed or low speed, can be chosen by driver. When the selector switch in the "0" position, the excavator will walk with low speed and high torque; when started in the "1" position, speed according to the hydraulic excavator walking loop pressure automatically rise or fall. For example, excavators on the ground level can choose high speed; uphill walking, you can choose low speed. If the engine speed control panel is set below the engine speed, the excavator will still walk at a low speed even if the switch is selected at "1" position.
7) the excavator should walk on the ground as much as possible, and avoid the upper turntable to place or manipulate its rotation.
8) the excavator should avoid rock collision, running motor and caterpillar frame when walking on bad ground. Mud sand and stones enter the track site and affect the normal running of the excavator and the service life of the crawler.
9) excavator should ensure the track direction and ground conditions on the ramp when walking, driving excavator as straight as possible; keep the bucket 20-30cm from the ground, if the excavator slipping or unstable, should immediately put down the bucket; when the engine turn off the ramp, should be reduced to the bucket surface, the control rod is placed in position, and then restart the engine.
10) as far as possible to avoid wading wading excavators, must wade, walking should first investigate the underwater ground conditions, and the water surface should not exceed the upper edge of the heavy wheel
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